Food & Drinks

Good food and Brussels are a match made in heaven. Near the ‘Grote Markt' you'll mainly find restaurants where you can order traditional Belgian dishes, such as stews and mussels. If you're feeling like a taste of Mediterranean cuisine, ‘het Europees Kwartier' is the place to be. In this stately neighborhood near the ‘Schumanplein' you can enjoy dining amidst a predominantly business audience. Around the stock exchange you'll find a trendy crowd. Here you can eat delicious food at reasonable prices. There are also many seafood restaurants in Brussels, where luxury items like lobster and oysters are on the menu.

And if you're thirsty, you're in for a treat as well as Belgium is famous for its beer. Some pubs have over one hundred types in their menu. Tip: discover several types by taking a beer tasting!