We love green!

Both the management and all employees of Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport take the task upon them to control environmental protection and limit environmental risks.

The care for the environment constitutes a structural part of the business objectives. All employees carry out their tasks in accordance with the set procedures and the policy of the company. Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport complies with the Flemish environmental laws and environmental regulations, but also wants to make one step further. Our company registers water and energy consumption, in order to continuously improve (based on this data) both the infrastructure and the policy, as well as to make it more economical. We make an effort to minimise waste and the impact on air, water, and soil as a result of our business management by means of an effective environmental care system.

We train our employees to co-contribute to the environment. In order to implement our policy consequently and everywhere within the organisation, we have therefore decided to introduce the required measures within the framework of “The Green Key” and thereby take a number of additional measures as well. Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport will promote this environmental policy to our employees as well as to our visitors. Needless to say, that the guests’ experience comes first. We wish to be a green hotel, without loss of comfort for our guests.

Concretely, we have made huge steps, among other things in the field of savings. All rooms are lit with energy-economical LED lighting, and the suction in the kitchen is now automatically arranged variably. This means that depending on how much suction is needed, the equipment automatically reacts on this. You will understand that because of this the energy use is limited to a minimum, and that no unnecessary energy is lost. Apart from that, important water-saving measures have been implemented at the showers and mixing taps. Thanks to the latest techniques, this does not result in any loss of comfort for you as a guest. In all public lavatories we have also installed hand-dryers that see to it that less paper drying towels are used.

Except for saving on energy, we have also implemented many modifications to our deliveries and separation of waste. For instance, a press container was acquired for the residue waste, and the waste collection only needs to arrive once monthly instead of thrice weekly. The number of goods deliveries has been reduced as well, by using fewer suppliers more efficiently.

For the future we still have many plans. Without plans no future. The washing basins of the public lavatories will for instance receive sensors, so that the water does not run too long, and we will very consciously keep an eye on separating waste in public spaces, rooms, and staff rooms. Also we will use ever more regional products, in order to thus save shipment energy.

You will understand that all these measures make an enormous difference for a hotel of our size.

The key to a greener world is in our hands!