Park, Sleep & Fly

Please note: The transport from / to the airport is not included in this package. There is a shuttle service (€5,00 p.p. single trip) or a taxi can be arranged via the front office of the hotel (€15,-).

If you're planning a flight that's departing from Brussels, how about taking our Park, Sleep & Fly package? It's the ultimate way to start your journey in the most relaxed manner imagineable. The car parking is free and prior to your departure, you'll spend the night in a luxurious room. The next day, the shuttle will take you to the airport. The most relaxt way to travel!

Parking is available as of December 1, 2022 in the P2 underground parking lot a 5-minute walk from our hotel. Drop your luggage at the hotel first, park your car in the parking lot on Culliganlaan 1 and then walk to the hotel at the end of the street. If you wish to park in our parking lot below the hotel, there is a surcharge of €10,- per 24 hours.

Shuttle price: € 5,- p.p. Check the timetable here.


The described package below is subject to the following conditions:

  • Prices are based on single or double occupancy and availability.
  • Exclusive of City Tax € 5,50 per room.
  • Arrival on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Arrival on other days on request:

At the check-in, we can ask for your airline ticket.

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